How I Spend My Weekends


I’m either sleeping with mama or daddy. Saturday, it was daddy. And I gave mama the stinky eye when she thought she was coming closer. I love my daddy time.


A note from mama: I couldn’t POSSIBLY disturb this. It was SO adorable. And nothing is more adorable than my guys snoozing together. It’s little moments like this I cherish the most. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten the stinky eye either. Nimbus, as good a cat as he was, was a PRO at it… usually when he was napping with daddy too LOL. I wasn’t even allowed in the VICINITY when it was him though. Brat made me sleep on the couch a few times because he wanted daddy all to himself. Curzon, on the other hand, has a fascination with sleeping by human feet. He likes to live dangerously, I guess!


First Twitter-Shared Post

So we are going to share our blogs on Twitter instead. So here’s a new picture of me to tide you all over until we get back into a normal rhythm.20181027_162654[1]

Bad Mama

Sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while! Mama got busy and I got in big trouble for my disapproval of my new V-E-T. We are going to try to get back to blogging but I don’t have high hopes for mama, especially in the short term, because right now mama can’t even seem to SPELL!


Like many in the area, we haven’t seen the sun in days, and to my surprise it came out today! And considering that its now dark out when I get off work too, any chance to get outside and absorb some sun has to be taken advantage of. So I took the camera out to see if anything struck my eye.

I’ve never seen mallards without the green head or with the blue wing spot, so I honestly have no definite idea if they’re a subspecies (Mr. Google told the CatDaddy they’re Michigan Mallards) or if it’s a bunch of juvies without parents or even if it’s juvenile parents with kids.

Either way I’m thankful I was able to get so close without chasing them away for so long. They totally made my day.


We just wanna say for all the world to hear how sad we are about our dear friend and fellow blogger Brian losing his beloved sisfur Precious. We know she’s with her furry family and extended family OTRB, but she leaves a large hole in the blogosphere. We love you guys.

The Twin Bond in Pictures

I never, ever suspected Curzon would be the last cat standing. But he is. And he seems to be adjusting to being an only cat. I cannot in good conscience subject him to having another cat in his territory. He has always been protective of his turf and wary of intruder animals, so I am going to let him enjoy however long he has left being the center of our world. He deserves all the love and joy in the world.

A Week of Curzon Day 5


I always will look back on those early days with joy. While they were painful days, Curzon and his sister truly were the light that got me through. And those ears… they were HUGE on that dude’s little head! I swear his ears popped out to adult size overnight and he spent the rest of his life growing into them – and they’re STILL big ears!

He may be a LOT older now, but he still has the THoE in him now and then.

A Week of Curzon Day 4

Believe it or not some people are either scared or intimidated by this guy. Seriously. Like he’s a sweetheart… unless you give off the vibe that you mean him or his family harm. Or you’re a bug. LOL He LOVES the ladies, and any lady that doesn’t get sucked into his will is immediately suspect. Sadly it has happened recently, and I have gone to great measures to rectify the situation.

As many of you remember, when Jadzia was sick back in January I rushed her off to the emergency vet and found the most amazing cat whisperer vet. I’ve never forgotten and it came in handy.

Last Wednesday, I took Curzon to his normal vet clinic – the one I’ve been using since Nimbus got so sick like 10 years ago and they were the ones that finally saw what I knew and saved his life. I knew the vet that owned the clinic had sold it, but when I made the appointment they never warned me I’d be seeing a different vet, nor did I suspect anything of the sort. So imagine my shock when this new vet walks in! She walks in with (I suspect) 2 college student interns. One takes one look at my cat and walks away, the other stands next to him but never gets down on his level, scritches him, sweet talks him, nothing. *Radar Level Red*

The vet…

Mind you she’s never seen Curzon before, so you’d THINK she’d ask questions about how he is, etc. NOPE. She just does the quickest physical exam EVER – like less than 5 minutes! And then she has the nerve to ask me how much of his thyroid medicine I’m ACTUALLY giving him! *Radar Level Livid* After I (politely) straightened her out, I got my cat, paid, got his medicine and left.

Second appointment scheduled with the REAL vet for the end of this month within an hour or so, but I was not back to normal for hours. Curzon I don’t think was either, but because he is so in tune with my emotions he knew I wasn’t ok.

Let me get this on the record… As if I need to…

Curzon is the cat equivalent of my first-born son. He was my very first rescue, though in all honestly he could very well be considered stolen. But the dude that had him in his hands never objected LOL. His LIFE depends on that medicine. If I adjust medication dosage it would be in consult with the vet. I know what I’m doing. He’s not the first sick cat I’ve had. He’s actually the LEAST sick cat of the three *thank Bast* and his thyroid is totally under control (I hope) with the meds. I would NEVER do anything that would risk his health or life.

ANYONE who insinuates that I would will be dealt with promptly and severely.

In the vet’s case, it’s taking his care elsewhere and leaving a polite but sharp review on Yelp. I’m not one for doing that, but you mess with my cat, you’re going to get it.

Curzon is my kid, not just a cat. He means more to me than anything. If it were not for him, I wouldn’t have even found him the best CatDaddy ever! So please, spare me.