I’m taking a break from posting to let mama actually blog for once! – Curzon


Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually written instead of being the cat’s writer. But I wanted to kinda explain some of my quietness lately. As some of you know, a few years ago I got back into the Lego thing… I blame Kelly (the famous Boris’ mom) completely and she knows it lol. But then as my hands started to refuse to play nice, everything went into a 15″ tool bag and got put aside. I even toyed with selling or giving them all away. But then I figured I’d at least see what figs (lego people) I had and go from there. My initial display sucked (it was like a stadium, but it was a lot of work for really disappointing results), but it got me back going. Later that night (this was just a couple days ago, if you follow us on facebook you saw it) I decided to redo it, and keep them flat and just stagger their positions and I came up with this (and pardon the sticky note and kleenex dispensers in the back):


Now what would drive mama to do this? Once again, Kelly’s fault! 
Last year, a game came out for both Android and iOS called Lego Tower (at least that’s when she introduced me to it). I normally detest tower building games, but this one’s different. There’s so much to do, no time deadlines, you’re not dead if you walk away for a while, and you have a LOT of possibilities to personalize your own fig. There’s not a clogging of in-game socializing, just the option to go visit friends’ towers (though there are places to chat all over the place – Reddit, a facebook group, Discord, yeah… there’s no being bored unless you want to be). So yea, I went and did it… This was one of my creations:

So yes, this is what I’ve been doing. I’ve met a lot of really wonderful people both on Discord and on Facebook and have had a lot of fun. 
As you all know, it’s been a real stressful time here lately especially worrying about Curzon. This is how I’ve managed to keep my sanity and help myself heal as well. We all need an escape now and then. I have two games. Another day I’ll introduce you to the other game that I’ve been playing. 

But before I go, I also wanted to give you guys an update on the dude. LMAO
Curzon is doing good. He’s being a cuddle bug most of the time and really has taken to having one of us at his mercy at all times, more than normal. He’s still eating decently (though I’m not happy with him tonight but I’m hoping that it’s just I gave him his medicine-laced food right after he’d eaten and so he’s not as hungry) and pooping good (though not as much as when we were clearing him out, but I wouldn’t expect that either). He hasn’t had to have a trip to the vet in a month though I think I might take him down there just to put his butt on the scale. He’s still a gabby*** sometimes but he’s not been so annoying that I’ve had to spend the night on the floor with him even though that might be what I need to do for ME if it didn’t hurt so dang much to move once I’m down lol. 
I want to thank every last one of you again for all your love, good/positive thoughts/vibes, and advice through all of this. He truly is my dude and I will treasure every last moment of however long he has, whether it’s 6 minutes or 6 years. I will never forget the moment I first laid eyes on him, or when he first laid eyes on Jadzia when she was rescued. It’s been hard at times, but it’s been the best 18+ years spent with any being (I’m sorry mom, but cats don’t argue lol). If it wasn’t for Curzon, I would’ve never met Mr. Cat and this life – as tough as it is at times – wouldn’t even exist. Thankfully he knows that the cat is top priority – and doesn’t just know it, demands it! LOL he truly is the best cat daddy EVER. 

Another Curzon Update

As some of you know the test results finally came back this weekend for the dude. Of course with my work schedule, actually TALKING to the vet is not the easiest. We finally talked today for more than the moment I had over the weekend for her to tell me the basics.

He’s clean as a whistle! No bacteria, NOTHING foreign in there!

Oh but why oh why are you still peeing in front of the door mister?

I know it’s not just behavorial. I know my dude. I know when he isn’t right. So that was the long discussion we had today.

Feliway? – Already got the collars.
Tap water? – Been on bottled for ages.
Foreign intruders? – No access to outside odors from inside.
Any changes? – Nope. I’ve been home MORE than normal, but it doesn’t seem to change his pattern.

So we really don’t have a real answer. She seems to think there may still be inflammation or irritation along the way that’s still causing discomfort which isn’t helping the situation, so we’re going to treat for that because, at worst it does nothing at all. We have nothing to lose trying this at this point. I’m also going to try some different food for him to see if he’ll eat prescription wet food. The only other things we can think of are stress and behavorial.

He’s doing well, otherwise. He’s pooping like a champ – still with help, but the medicine has been cut back as planned.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me think through this, and especially the Frum family. Beyond the love and support, the knowledge and thinking processes brought to the table by Terry have been amazing. The Cat Blogosphere truly has a wonderful group of humans behind the scenes just packed full of ideas, tips, and knowledge.

And thank you everyone for the love especially today. It’s not been easy. HRH Queen Jadzia was a special young lady that, even as she got older, never showed it a moment. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to fix it, beautiful…

TWO years

My beautiful ladycat, how has it been two years?
Two long agonizing years since your beautiful soul was taken from us?
Stolen by an evil thief in the night called cancer.
It never gave you a chance to fight it, never gave us a chance to help.
I know you’re still around my dear, but it’s not the same.
I miss my little drool monster (LOL) but not the one you were the last weeks.
I know you’re happy and vibrant now
Though how happy you are stuck with that brat aka Nimbus I’m sure is debatable!
I promise I’ll keep your stinky brofur here
Just as long as I possibly can
Just know that I will always love you.
Please take care of all the kitties there with you,
And my mama too.Jaz.png

I was going to post the last picture of her looking decent, but it hurt too much.



The Pre-Christmas Update

Hey folks cat mama aka TSB here with another Curzon update.

We were HOPING that we’d be able to take him off of the stool softener but nope. I need to keep him pooping, and without at least close to a full dose, he isn’t pooping on his own. Of course I ran out before Chewy could even call the vet, but luckily the vet is AMAZING and told me to come on down for more.

His appetite still isn’t all there so we’ve agreed to give him a tiny bit of appetite stimulant just to hopefully kick him into normal gear. He NEEDS to eat. EVERYTHING hinges on him eating his normal ravenous self-style. He got his first dose this afternoon, and within a few hours he was outright *****ing for food! So yea, that’s a good sign. I’m about to check on how much he’s eaten as soon as I post this, but just judging by what I saw earlier, he’s doing good.

I’ve gotten him a bit of the gravy noms to help too with the fluids, because while still in normal range, the kidneys are on the high end. So I have to keep him naturally fluidated. (Yes I just made up a word LOL.) IV fluids are of course a possibility, but with his hyperthyroidism, that did some MINIMAL damage to his heart before it was found so we can’t be aggressive with anything fluid wise or we risk stress and damage to the heart.

He’s still peeing like a champ! I got the pee pads oh… maybe a week ago now, put one down, he peed on it once, and hasn’t peed outside the box since. I’m at the point where I’m not even watching for him going over there now. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?!

His vet clinic has been amazing. All the techs and nurses love him, both of his vets love him… I can’t possibly say enough good things about them. It’s been a stressful ride for me and not only has the vet been available for me she’s WELCOMED and appreciated the updates! We’ve talked at least 3 times in the last couple weeks, the last time being just this morning, discussing his care and where we’re at and what we need to do. I’ve not had a vet this invested in my cats since Nimbus’ diabetes vet. I miss her dearly because she too would jump through hoops for Curzon, but she sold her clinic and it promptly went to ****.

I want to thank every last one of you for all the POTP and well wishes for him. Curzon is a tough old man and he’s not going down without a fight. So long as he has fight left in him, and we have ammunition to help him, I swear to you I will not give up on him unless it’s obviously just torture for him. I also can most assuredly tell you it probably won’t be me telling you when that time comes as I’ll be too hot a mess. But hopefully (I know I’m a dreamer) I have another decade at least! LOL




So let me provide y’all an update on Curzon.

He did really well there for a couple days. No real peeing outside the box. Good pees in the box. But the other end still wasn’t happening. And the peeing started back up again. Unsure of what was going on he went BACK to the vet on Weds.



Have you ever in your life seen a cat more relaxed at the vet? And no he wasn’t in his room, that’s the front receptionist desk and there was a BIG doggie right behind me! They do have a separate cat area but he’s so comfy there that he doesn’t even stay in his doggie carrier (yes he travels in a medium DOG carrier). He’s usually in my arms or on my lap, just hanging out. They truly are a no-fear clinic. But this just blew me away. He’s getting more and more chill with age. But this is beyond chill. We didn’t have long to wait this time, and well, the chill continued…


He decided he was ok with being on the scale and he wasn’t moving! He only growled at his vet once and it was when she was squeezing the crap – literally – in his gut to make sure that’s ALL it was. We had a long talk about what our next course of action was, what it likely was, etc. It was much too soon to do the urine culture; you need 10-14 days antibiotic free to get a good culture that’s going to present an accurate picture of what’s in the body, and he was only off a couple days. With the backup still there, it’s obvious that he’s still dealing with constipation issues and the fiber isn’t enough. And that is enough to cause the appetite to not come back and cause the inappropriate peeing probably as well. So we put him on a course of stool softener – which I suspect, like the fiber, will be for the rest of his life – and I brought him home.

*cough* *gag* *cough*

By Thursday morning there was a huge poop by his main box. I’m not faulting him for missing the box. I have extra rugs by that box for that very reason. That evening I caught not one but TWO hairballs coming up the other end! Well, dude, that has to feel better! Friday evening he was outright B****ING for his wet food. Within 4 hours half a can is already GONE. Appetite is back! And by midnight… a RECORD SETTING poop for this house IN the second box! Dang dude! I’ll forgive you stinking up the whole place; that’s an easy enough fix. That HAS to make you feel better! He’s also back to hanging out at his water bowl, which is normal. So all said and done, *knock on wood* we’re walking out of the woods right now and he’s 80% recovered. His spunk is coming back, dude nipped out for the first time today…


And being smug as all heck after!

I can’t possibly be any more proud of my dude. He’s put up one hell of a fight. He had the gnarliest UTI I think. It sure as heck didn’t want to leave him. I’m not convinced it also didn’t contribute to his constipation issues. But he’s doing everything he needs to in order to get better – including NOT only is he not fighting his meds, he’s actually WAITING AROUND for them! Those of you who have been around long enough know Nimbus used to poke and prod to get his meds his last few years, so it’s beautiful to see Curzon doing similar, but also kinda bittersweet. But he raised that boy well, and it’s only fitting that the Count be as dignified in his meds!

I want to thank every single one of you cat bloggers out there for helping me through this. I’ve never had to deal with an UTI so bad that it caused this level of mayhem. And a special thanks to Brian and Zoe for their checking in on the dude. I know Zoe was just as concerned as we were for her dude’s health. He’s a fighter, sweetie. He’s got this!



Thankful Thursday

Today was a very stressful day, but of all days. But today we are thankful.

We are thankful for friends that don’t throw a fit when we go silent for a few hours or a couple days because LIFE HAPPENS.

We are thankful we have friends all over the world and with all sorts of experiences that we can all share.

We are thankful that we are both cat whisperers… because cats are notoriously sneaky, secretive creatures that won’t just TELL you what’s wrong.

I am especially thankful I know my cat SO **** well that I can sense when he’s just “not quite himself” and there’s something “just not quite right” when I look in his eyes…

We are thankful because our vet is open all week – on a holiday weekend.

We are thankful that our vet clinic, even if we can’t get our normal vet, has other more than competent vets and techs.

We are thankful that they take emergencies, even if it means it delays us. We’ve been THAT emergency. TWICE.

We are thankful that they’re willing to squeeze you in same day if need be.

Today was that day that we needed to be squeezed in.

Curzon does NOT pee outside the box. EVER. Poop sometimes, yes. Pee? NEVER. So imagine my reaction when he did! So, thinking when I caught him another time in the same spot right by the box!

So I thought, ok he’s re-peeing in the same spot because of the odor. I put the box over the spot. DONE. Right?

Yeah, nope. This time it was nowhere near the box.

I’m no rookie at this. Appointment was made within 10 minutes, he was there in 2 hours.

Vet agrees, probable UTI. We went ahead and did another senior blood panel, and this time he relenquished the pee. We’re not waiting on results. He’s already on a stronger set of antibiotics than he was on 4 months ago because we both think this is what had him under the weather then and it nudged it out but didn’t kill all of it and it came back with a vengeance. I’m not playing. Not with my kid’s LIFE. NOPE. He’s too old for me to wait one moment longer than necessary.

But hey, at least he did it on my day off! Thanks bud!

So here’s to another year with my bestest bud, and many years of good health ahead.

And the one thing I’m even more thankful for?

A hubby that doesn’t even question my decision making. The call went down like this, pretty much. *dials phone* “Hey babe.” “What’s up?” “Curzon is going to the vet.” “Ok, keep me posted.” There was no need to go into the why’s… that had been already discussed last night, even though I THOUGHT then we were out of the woods. He KNEW if I was making that call that quickly, something drastic changed my mind.



And one last thankful… big happy pees IN the box! lmao

We’re Still Here

I apologize for mama’s long blogging hiatus! Mama has been crazy busy with work and everything else. She hasn’t even been taking that many pictures of me. Now if you’re on facebook you might see one here and there but we’ve just been taking it one day at a time. Mama says she’s going to spend more time with me but I, of course being the naughty cat I am, have to make her work for it when she wants it, and force it when she’s not prepared for it! MOL! She’s also been gaming like a crazy mad woman between the xbox game and one on her phone called Lego Tower. Lady, seriously, you’re crazy.Things are starting to settle down here just a little bit so hopefully mama will have more time to blog for me. I hope everyone is doing well, and see you soon!!!