Now before anyone reads any further, please note that this post is NOT about stuff going on in the world right now politically, or in the USA. If YOU wish to construe it that way, you are free to do so; it IS a free country. But also note that it is NOT my intent.

Every decision we make in our life has consequences. Sometimes there are no wrong answers. Sometimes there are only smaller risks.

A year and a half ago I was faced with a dilemma. I was approached seemingly out of nowhere with a job offer that was NOT guaranteed to go anywhere for any amount of time, but paid WAY more than what I was making at the time. What to do? Do I stay with what I got because I have it and it’s as guaranteed as a job can be? Do I quit and chase this chance even though it might only last a few months? It was an agonizing decision. I consulted a lot of friends, and the CatDaddy and I discussed it a lot. I knew WHATEVER decision I made, I had his full support. But the impacts of the choice I made would likely impact the entire family unit, so his input was of paramount importance. Eventually I decided on the middle road, working two jobs for what ended up being six months before this dream chance fell apart on me. But even then, it was not wasted. I made friendships that continued past that job. I gained experience I would’ve never had. I got an eye into a field that I would never have before even thought about. So when it fell apart, I was devastated, but I knew there was going to be another opportunity. It was not a sudden surprise, but it was a jolt to the system. Once again, I felt like I had to find the magic. I’ve had to do it time and time again, and please don’t ask how I do it. I don’t know. Other than the fact that I have the most wonderful supporter in the world right behind me, I don’t know. But within a week or two, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and in a couple weeks, it’ll be a year since the next step was taken. I don’t know how much of a stepping stone it is, or if it’s going to be more than that.

My whole point in all this is that everything triggers another event. So before you jump on someone for doing something, or not doing something, or using the tools they see that they have, take a step back. It’s not your life. Please, don’t judge. Don’t think you have to do it the same way either. What works for one doesn’t work for all.

And I swear. If ANY of my friends start jumping on each other for the way they’re trying to get from Point A to Point B without considering all of the facts and knowing why they’re looking at it that way, I will step in and shut it down. Do y’all understand?

My friends mean too much to me. Some of you have helped me think through crap. But the ones that do it best know me best and don’t tell me what to do, but help me think of possibilities, how to get through them, and what might come next. Strategy sessions.

Let’s be that friend to all our friends.




My handsome dude

Yes, he is annoying sometimes.

But he is my dude.

My original. My first real true love that was mine and mine alone.

One could argue I stole him, but while grown old men tried to figure out what to do with a dying filthy kitten, I just took control and did what needed done.

I will never forget the first glimpse I got of him as I cleaned him. Nor will I forget his reaction when his sister was being brought in for the first time. Or how he stopped eating and instead sat up on the bed and watched her eat her first meal as a house kitty.

And while he may be in his twilight years, he is still my dude, my best bud, my kid, my kitty….. don’t tell me it was a coincidence. He needed me, I needed him, and he set into motion a series of events that led to a Cat Family being created that saved everyone. And don’t call him by the here kitty kitty…. he’ll ignore you as much as I’ll laugh at you.

Thanks Curzon.

For everything.

Flashback Friday

Flashback to July 2011… remember when I had a robin’s nest right in front of my window? Omg I do! No cats were allowed outside or in the window until they were out of the nest! It was beautiful watching them grow up, fall out of the nest (I put each of them back in), and fledged!

Thanks for going on the journey with me!

Just a wee update

We’re still here, promise! Mama got crazy busy with work, to the point she needed a getaway. And where’d she go? Valley Forge, again. Yes, her EIGHTH time. She says half of them it’s just to commune with nature. And that was her intent this time as well, but she found something she hadn’t seen before right off her main spot, so she has NO IDEA how she hasn’t noticed it, unless it’s brand new! So yes there will be pictures… from there, from around the area, and of course, of ME! Thanks for being patient!

Old Man


Every time I look into his eyes I see an old soul that is looking through me into MY soul. He’s truly one very special dude, and he’s made it abundantly clear he’s not going anywhere without a fight, unless it’s to sneak outside for the biggest NOPE in his life! He decided last week once he wanted to go outside at like 430am. Of course, as cold as it was, I wasn’t having that. So instead I scooped him up, wrapped him in with me and my coat, and let him smell the air for a minute. THAT was a big NOPE. lol

Broken Sun


There’s something to be said for how the ice crystals in the sky and the clouds mess with the light. There’s just so much going on in this picture that’s beyond the picture itself… I don’t even quite have the words for it. It’s like a metaphor for where my head has been lately.

May every one of you be well, your animals healthy, and your weather nice.

And whoever’s manning the RB Gates, SHUT THE *****MN GATES!

The Moon In Retreat

This is one of the pictures I took Friday morning before work, with just my Nikon and the long(er) lens. I LOVE capturing the moon so beautifully, and someday I’ll master the night shot. I wasn’t able to capture the “snow moon” as it was either snowing or about to snow here, but I just love the way the moon is framed with the cirrus clouds in front of it. 
I, as many of you know, am a huge weather nerd. And the paid guessers made me shiver. 
My mom had pictures from the winter I was born of snow drifts up to 2nd floor windows. It was one of the worst winters they’d ever had, but this year they’re literally just a hair over a quarter of in INCH of blowing the record out of the books. Ok, that’s a LOT of snow.
I’m no longer complaining about PA winters. I’d actually be happy with snow right now, as it’d keep me home without ruining my paycheck and on my day off I might be able to go out on a photo shoot. 
I promise soon I’ll show pictures of Curzon. SOON.

Long Silence

TSB Here.

I do want to apologize for the long silence. It’s been a wild last couple months, as some of you know. I really do need to quit scaring myself and my hubby!!
Also, with all of the bleh of rain, snow, frigid cold, etc., there just hasn’t been much to actually photograph lately. I did finally get out Friday morning before work and spend a FEW brief moments with the camera. I’ll be sharing some pictures through the week.

Some of you have asked about Curzon, and I so greatly appreciate it. The dude is my life, to say the least. I never thought he’d be the last cat standing. EVER. I seriously thought Jadzia was gonna be my GrannyCat that hit 20 and just got grumpier by the day lol. I wish for her and for us that she’d gotten to see that stage of her life, but she had such a good run… she spent it healthy as a whistle almost her entire life, with her one true love – her brother – though sometimes she had a weird way of showing it. I really thought Curzon would be lost without her but he’s thriving for the most part! His eyes are going, his hearing may or may not be, but his thyroid is stable it seems as his weight has not been this stable in a VERY long time. Next senior check we’ll check both his thyroid and his kidneys and we’ll get a better idea of what’s going on there. He’s up to a nightly can of wet food, so he’s eating less dry, and it hasn’t affected the OUTput lol. He still howls incessantly some nights, especially earlier this week, but that’s no different than any other time. He’s always been a cuddlebug to some degree but he last year or so he’s gotten more and more so. I really should have stocks in Lavender incense, as much as we burn for his butt!

I’m trying to get back into posting, but I still have to figure out how to get Facebook to post the links. Be well my friends and see you soon.