24 Hours of Adventure?!?

So what a day it’s been. It started about 6 or 630pm yesterday while at work with an IM from one of the supervisors that it looked like it was about to unleash something like seven levels of hell outside and if you had your windows down you better go roll them up. So I quick ran outside – not to roll up the windows – but get a dose of the storm since I was stuck at work. Turns out I missed the worst storm to hit here in years… 20180703_183016[1]


As I was approaching home I saw the most beautiful rainbow I think I’ve ever seen – not a whole one but OMG… SCREECH… pulled into the high school parking lot and took a pic…20180703_194633[1]

(And don’t ask why someone PARKED in the exit lane, I don’t know. I just know it made it hard to squeeze out next to his rich butt. But I did lol)

Pulled out and got maybe a few feet.. OMG A DOUBLE RAINBOW! SCREECH.. pulled into another parking lot and took another pic in case the 2nd rainbow didn’t show up the first time, since I didn’t see both the first time LOL…


As I got around the next corner I start seeing branches down etc.. I’m like OMG what am I about to roll into…


I got home from work around 8pm to find no power ANYWHERE in the area. I’m like oookkkkayyyy… but whatever. The rainbow was still out (and I could finally see the whole thing instead of just half of it)…


So I decided to grab the camera and do some more shooting.

And then the news started filtering in. Depending on who talked to who they were saying either overnight or midday the next day (today). Crap. Without power I have no wifi… so I start looking on my phone to get the radar – and then my cell service dropped to a crawl. Made a call – then I went down completely. CRAP. I was like ok… I have one singular mission now. Find a tower still up so I can make ONE call and call it a night. So I did, and I made the call and went home and hung out with Curzon for a little bit before we called it a night.

I was awoken sometime early this morning (somewhere between 330 and 430 I really don’t remember, though if I looked at my Fitbit I’m sure it’d tell me exactly when I woke up lol) by the sensation of cool air on me… THE POWER IS BACK YAY!!!!! I turn on the news hoping to hear SOMETHING about what the heck blew through but NOPE. NOTHING. Barely even a mention except that at that point there was STILL over 20k people without power… and shortly after that… BAM power goes back out. I wait around for a little bit and it doesn’t come back on and I just throw in the metaphorical towel and figure, well I was PLANNING on going up to Valley Forge again (yes, AGAIN, 3rd time in like a month, I know… lol) to experience the 4th of July up there, so I grabbed my camera, cooler, and some snacks and headed out. I got a bag of ice, put my drinks on top of the ice in the cooler and drove out (I’m not playing… I had 2 bottles of water, a bottle of gatorade split into 2 smaller bottles and 2 bottles of my tea mix.. yes, I had fluids lol).

Now as many of you know I don’t deal with people well. Not in traffic, not in crowds, etc. But I was kinda in a hurry since I was up against the clock if I was going to catch the sunrise. But it’s a holiday and people actually stayed in bed so yay no traffic! I had the park reasonably to myself for the morning, save for the joggers etc that are always around in the morning. But no sunrise… instead it was rolling fog. Cool.

So they were having a whole big party up there today so I sat through the 18 minute introductory video that they show (how I’ve gone up there now SEVEN times and not watched it until now I have no idea LOL) and then got a hot dog and walked around (I kept my drinks in the car in the cooler so that I wasn’t expending more energy hauling the cooler around than I’d be expending walking back to the car – and it also gave me a chance to cool off and get my bearings for the next part of what I wanted to do) and then watched (and videoed – I’ll see if I can post the video later) as a Ben Franklin re-enactor read the Declaration of Independence and called for volunteers to join the Patriot Army.

I was planning on sticking around and watching the musket demonstration and the stories that they tell around there, but I was just wearing out. By this time it’s after 2pm and I’m just starting to get physically tired of being outside. So I headed home hoping for the best. I got home and YAY ac!!!! Curzon and I snuggled and relaxed… I’m not sure how much sleeping I got done but it felt good to just relax and not have to deal with anything. I got back up, saw that my phone still had reception *yay* and got back up and moving (albeit slower than usual) and realized *crap* home internet is dead. Thank goodness I have the new modem and just didn’t get it switched over. A half hour later and done.

And now here we are 26 hours after it all started and it’s about to storm AGAIN I think.

Just stop.


I’m done with power outages.


Part Eleven – Finale

Miscellaneous Pretties


Tranquil little stream


lonely little ant all by itself hoping he doesn’t get squished by a giant (I didn’t)


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and hopefully I’ll have more for you guys shortly. Things are finally quieting down around here a little.

Triple Flashback


In the rare event all 3 were in the same proximity this is usually how it ended up, boys in one spot, HRH Queen Jadzia not far away. After Nimbus’ first brush with death, her snuggling with him became very rare. I’m not sure she ever fully forgave him for nearly dying on her. It was a lot of work to get her to even treat him respectfully again. But no matter what, these guys were FAMILY – we were all a bunch of strays trying to get through life as a pack… especially me and the twins. Nimbus wasn’t old enough to remember that life. By the time he got old enough to remember anything like that, the CatDaddy found us and stopped the chaotic spin that was life. I always thank him at least monthly for it. Those who knew us back in the days before there was an US know just how much he means because of all he’s done for us. Now, we’re one heckuva team.

So Happy Belated CatDaddy day, hon. I love you to the moon and back a billion times over.

Flashback Time

I know it seems the blog has turned into just my pics but I promise Curzon’s still alive and kicking. I’m actually really proud of him right now. Last night was the first night in probably a week that he’s slept almost all the way through the night without howling and waking us up. Poor guy… I know he can’t help it, between the old age crap and his thyroid, he just howls and howls some nights.


As sad as this pic makes me, it also gives me the warm fuzzies. The bond between the twins was just beautiful. She always liked to ACT like she hated him but yeah… no one bought it, not for a second. She in reality just didn’t like the fact he could be a total and complete jerk sometimes in her eyes. He would want to play when she wanted to rest or he’d try to join her in a snooze and wake her up in the process. Silly kitty!

So once I get all the pictures set, I’ll have more flashback pics. In the meantime enjoy the rest of the pics from last week’s trip to Valley Forge.