A Week of Jaz 4

Jazzy when she decided to let her mane be grey. Especially when she was younger, she seemingly switched mane colors on a whim, going from brownish black to grey seemingly overnight.

I not has paws. I has hands too! Thank goodness she did not have opposable thumbs, she would’ve REALLY been dangerous. Those dew claws were painful enough. I can’t imagine if she’d had thumbs. So yeah, for many a reason I’m glad she was a cat and not human LMAO

A Week of Jaz 2


A wee baby Jazzy! OMG she was such a diva, even then. She totally did NOT want any other animal near her except her brother. And mice were suicidal if they came out around her because she was the queen mouser – but she wasn’t the killer, she was the torturer. Many a mousie got rescued by me because of her. LOL


My girl, in mid lick. Or was she showing her displeasure with me? LOL

A Week of Jaz 1


HRH Queen Jadzia sometimes quite disapproved of what I was doing. Usually it was me being Curzon’s secretary more than I was hers.


Miss you Queenie. Happy belated birthday from the RB. I hope Nimbus and the gang threw you a gigantic party befitting the Queen you are. Love you.


Back at it

I gave y’all a day or two to absorb the cuteness…

Now for current pics!

I get to work from home sometimes, and my home office is designed so that if he wants to be with me but not ON me he’s got a comfy spot RIGHT behind me. Yesterday he was totally digging it.

He’s such a handsome dude even in profile. Love him more than anything in this world.

His vet-assigned birthday is 9/1/01 but since I’m working we started celebrating last night. So he’s on can #3 of wet food. He may or may not be getting #4 before bed tonight. We will see. He’s on temporary reprieve from the fiber so he doesn’t get the runs from all the wet food.

I can’t believe he’s 18.

I can’t believe his sister isn’t here.

Starting probably Tuesday we’ll celebrate Jadzia. We haven’t forgotten her birthday but we want Curzon to feel special.