Three Months

Can you all believe Alex has been here three months now? Holy crap, time flies. He’s still growing, developing, changing… just as we expected. But I see a lot of the others in him.

He does the ramming nuzzles, what I called SuperCurry’s – now obviously SuperAlex’s.
He tries to eat everything, including non-edible things especially plastic bags – like Curzon (except not fur – yet).
He is mystified by human soup (bath) – like both the boys but especially Nimbus. He merely hasn’t taken his first drink yet. He hasn’t figured out the logistics of drinking without falling in. I also think part of Alex is he’s wanting to be ON me but not be wet though.
He HATES getting wet, like ROYALLY hates it – like the Queen herself. As some of you know, when the others were healthy, every first snow, ONE of them – usually one of the boys – got put in the snow. Well with the snow we got the week before Christmas, Alex continued the tradition. However when he went out it was still coming down, so some hit him and he did NOT like that! (He also did NOT appreciate the paws getting cold and wet but he was in it for all of a minute lol.)
He has a thing for all things me, even my feet – like Curzon and Snowflake (though I’m waiting for him to do the head in shoe like they both did).
He love love LOVES his whip toy, actually dragging it – AND YOU if you’re still holding it – along, like Nimbus.

I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

On a Serious Note…

For over a hundred years now, women have had to not just survive, but thrive, in a man’s world. No matter what we do, it’s never right. If we’re too thin, we’re automatically anorexic and therefore deficient. If we’re “overweight” we’re fat pigs and don’t take “proper care” of ourselves. If we are even supervisors at work, we must’ve “kissed someone’s ass” because HEAVEN FORBID we have skills. If we’re a stay at home mom, we’re furthering the male-dominated history of women being merely baby-ovens and slaves to the home, subservient to the man. If we speak up, we’re loud and obnoxious feminists looking to be dominant over men. If we wear revealing or snug clothes, we’re trying to show off and lure men into temptation. If we’re in baggy clothes we’re slobs not dressed properly to look like a “respectable” woman. WTAF people? you can’t have it both ways. MOST of us women just want to be treated fairly. The woman that’s working to find the cure for leukemia should be paid just as well as the man working to find the cure for ALS, and vice versa. The cashier at the grocery store should make the same amount as her male coworkers, all else being the same. But we’re still not there. Why? Because not only are there men out there that still don’t think we’re as worthy or as competent, but there are women out there tearing each other down. And some of it comes from within the family! The girl that’s into science isn’t as good as the boy that’s excelling in math. It’s disgusting. We as a society have to stop this crap. And don’t tell me it’s just Americans. It’s not. While the scale may be different, it’s true all over the world. The races aren’t equal, the genders aren’t equal – all because of some who are deathly afraid of NOT being superior, who can’t fathom someone different from them being EQUALLY capable, competent, intelligent, wise… whatever their “rationale” is.
I am lucky. My husband gets it. It’s not a him and then me. It’s US. Do I defer to him sometimes? Absolutely. Does he ask for my input? Absolutely. Are there things he defers to me on? Yep. Do I sometimes not even ask? Yep (ahem Alex…). But the big decisions are always at least a discussion. Input is not asked of and then disposed of. ON BOTH SIDES. When my career path started to change, it was a huge chance for me. At the time nothing was certain, except where I was at was going NOWHERE fast. We had a long discussion, and while it came down to him saying, “Whatever you decide to do, I will support you,” there was still the need and the desire to have a separate set of eyes and brain think through it.
Relationships are a TEAM. One will sometimes be the dominant, sometimes the other. This does NOT make one superior to the other. EVER.
Thank you for letting me vent. Now if you’ll excuse me, time for me to go find Sadie Adler and go off and smoke a cigar and play the harmonica…

Mancat Monday

Alex is such a handsome dude. He’s filling out beautifully. The fur has stayed so soft… and it’s thickening up. HE is becoming a chunky monkey. He’s every bit of the same size and weight Curzon was when he left, but with WAY more energy than Curzon had in probably the last 15 years! LOL Alex reminds me of the twins when they were newly rescued running across their room like 2 elephants with cheetah speed and agility. He’s settling into the life of an indoor cat, though he really, REALLY wants to go OUT. But I can’t have that. I’d be beside myself worrying. I do try to give him a wider expanse of experiences to make up for it though, but the cold has made it hard. I’d LOVE to take him with me to do laundry, but that’s an hours-long experience he’s not ready and I’m really not up for other people being near my cat. During this time of covid, I just want everyone’s germs as far away as possible so I don’t have to worry about inadvertently bringing anything near the ones I care for and about. There will be time to socialize him with other animals and people, but now is not it. Not on the large scale I would like to at least. SOMEDAY he’ll be my social kitty on a harness on walks and trips with me.


Our dear friend Summer routinely shows her outtakes and we find them comical! So today, we’re going to do the same!

just a blur…. like normal when he gets the zoomies.
fake fevver brings out real attacks!
can’t you just sit still for ONE pic cat? – mom, you NEVER take just ONE pic!
MOM! my face!!!
if YOU quit moving, I’d quit moving mom…
Camera focused on the box, not the cat about to leap. USER error…


Having a young cat is an adventure all in itself. I forgot HOW crazy THoE can be! Curzon’s was a brief spurt, and it was all on the floor at the end. Alex will go from one end to the other, up and down the scratching post pole, leaping off of it like a weirdo, up and down the bed (that’s so high I have to climb in it LMAO), up and down the headboard and in and out of the window, you name it he does it. I’m just waiting to see him running up the wall like a karate master!!! I seriously wish I had his energy.
He tries to be a good boy, he really does. He’s bitey, but he doesn’t puncture the skin. But it’s so random. He’s gotten real, REAL good about not jumping up on the counters – he’s done it ONCE in the last month or so – but he’s STILL got a thing with the dining room table! All the cats did though.

I know I’ve not been posting pics as much. I apologize. I’ve been crazy busy with things here. You’d think with everyone including me working from home, staying in, things closing, I’d have TIME to be on more. NOPE. My one day off during the week is my errand day, and that’s the morning. My weekend day is usually spent zonked out or trying to recover. I can GUARANTEE you that I haven’t stopped taking pictures of Alex. PROMISE.

Speaking of pics… Anyone wanna guess how many pictures of him I’m up to (not including videos) in the almost 3 months since I’ve rescued him?

Take a gander…

Don’t be shy…

You’re probably a little light…

You ready?

Yes I’m dragging this out..

I’m evil, I know…

The answer is…


In 80 days… That means, on average, I take 23 pictures of him EVERY day. Most won’t get put on the blog, facebook or twitter. Some because they’re blurry (maybe I’ll do an outtake post… hmmmm, thought noted…), some because I’m in them (and my face does not go on social media as much as possible TYVM), some just because I don’t like the way they came out. But they’re DIGITAL. I can hoard them and not worry about it. There’s not much difference between 20 pics storage wise and 200. Especially when I have a HUGE card in my phone, and a 2 TERRAbyte external drive. I ain’t skeered. Let’s not go into all the pictures I have of Curzon, Jadzia… and especially Nimbus. LOL.

So don’t ever think that I’ve run out of content. I haven’t. I haven’t run out of pictures, thoughts, anything. Just TIME. And that’s something that Marjorie can’t help with either, even though she’s helped me on the blog and made me a better blogger. I can’t expect her to be Alex’s secretary.

So don’t be surprised if I drop random stuff here. It isn’t ALL Alex. LMAO.
It’s OUR blog, dude. OURS. Not YOURS.

I beg to differ LOL – Alex