A Letter From the RB

Hello furiends! Nimbus here. I’m being intermediary between ma and TSB because, as you can imagine, the humans are still struggling with her not being there. So mama didn’t think it’d be good for her to be talking to TSB.

Mama is still trying to adjust. She feels awful that she ran off so quickly and left Curzon alone. But she was so much sicker than anyone knew. What astonishes me is that she LIKED her last vet. MOM! Seriously?

So, otherwise mama is ok. Sniffie has been so understanding that I need time away to be with mom. Her transition hasn’t been easy. I personally saw to her every need. I couldn’t let just anyone do it. Mom did everything for me. I had to return the favor. I took her to the spa as soon as she crossed over to watch the transformation to a pristine healthy ladycat. I took her back to the mansion and introduced her properly to everyone. I took her up to the private salon that Sniffie, in her infinite wisdom, said we needed to put in a year or two ago. I got mama all cleaned up, fur de-matted and all pristine. She sat at the reflecting pond but it only made her sad. So, even tho we generally don’t go visiting so soon after we arrive, I showed mama how to a few days after she got here. Mama started off slow, visiting her bro first. She HAD to assure him that she was ok and that he’d be ok. The next time we went she decided she’d show herself to TSB… in typical zoomy Jadzia fashion!

So yes, mama is ok. I want to personally thank Vicat for being the relay and for trying to keep TSB calm. Please keep purring for Curzon. The humans are trying so very hard to keep things as normal as possible for Curzon and now every decision made is focused on what he needs. They’re laser focused on fattening him up as much as they can, and spoiling him as much as possible… as if he wasn’t already spoiled rotten.


8 thoughts on “A Letter From the RB

  1. Sweet Nim….it’s so good to hear from you. Please give Sniffie a HUGE hug for us. We know you will take good care of Jadiza. You’re a very good and kind ManCat. If you see our Daddy, Ellie and Auntie El, would you hug them for us too?

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon


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