Pain and Healing

As anyone that’s lost a beloved furry kid can tell you, going from full house to empty house is just as hard as going from empty back to full. You’re still grieving, you’re still dealing with the gaping hole in your heart. But there’s also a new one that needs you. This is especially true with Alex. He was in such bad condition when I first laid eyes on him I knew I had to rescue him. I HAD to… he wouldn’t make it if I didn’t, and even if I couldn’t get him thru it, at least he’d know love. I spent the first 48 hours fussing over every little detail. How much did he eat? How’s his litterbox production? What scares him? Since then we’ve been knocking off concern after concern. He’s a quick study. He just still has some other trust and confidence issues but we can get thru them too. I hope y’all are as excited for this journey as we are!

6 thoughts on “Pain and Healing

  1. alex…dood…..count uz in for de journee; sum timez we haz trubull sneekin outta de houz
    ☺☺☺ but when we can, we’ll see ya 😉 just due knot let on …. coz we iz onlee a loud inta de
    garage !!!!!…. ☺☺☺


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