19 years ago today I laid eyes on the filthiest flea-ridden kitten I’ve ever laid eyes on. Two and a half months ago that sad story of a kitten left this planet a grumpy old mancat that had MORE than done his job and defied the odds more than once. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and in a way I guess I did in rescuing Alex. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of tears shed but I also know that the poor guy was absolutely miserable and even another hour would’ve been nothing less than torture. When you care for an animal, it’s not just while they’re young and healthy. You see them through the bad just as loyally as you played with them through the good times. Thank you, Curzon, for over 18 years of pure joy. I know you enjoyed every last bit of it, including keeping me up all hours of the night! lol
And thank you for sending Alex. He definitely needed love and food… and I needed another sucker to fuss over and all that stuff you always thought I was weird for doing!! LOL Thanks for making me into the cat mom I am.


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