As many of you know, I get up early. This post isn’t scheduled; I started writing it at 5am, and already been up a couple hours. I ran up to one of the local convenience stores a little bit ago cause I was craving a krispy kreme donut (sorry you Dunkin’ heads, bleh). I had to drive right through the heart of town, right over the creek that a week ago was a raging river through town. This isn’t a big town, it’s only a few miles wide. So our “downtown” isn’t that big, but so much of it is still out of power because of just how much flood water they had intruding into their businesses. Most of them also have apartments upstairs and, while they were dry, I’m pretty sure their vehicles are not and they’re really uninhabitable as there’s still no power. Trust me, 5 days was rough enough. for those poor people, it’s been over a week now. The street is so eerily dark, not a single light on in a business window or on the side of the building, except the police station. The only noise is one business’ generator I’m sure probably powering a pump still working on the inside. I can’t even imagine… so as much as this week has sucked for us personally, it’s over. We’re back up and running, food replaced… So many businesses, already struggling due to the pandemic… one has to wonder if this will be the final nail for some of them. You have business owners who also lost homes. And those who can march on, can they replace their inventory with all the shortages going on? There are streets in other nearby towns that are still blocked, at least 2 roads that lead into town that the roadway gave away completely just outside of town… You would think by the aftermath that Ida was still a hurricane when she got up here! Even people I know down in LA who survived Katrina 16 years ago are saying that, while the flooding in New Orleans itself wasn’t as bad, the storm as a whole was so much worse. I’d have to agree. Katrina’s epic damage was more localized. Ida ravaged the south and then just kept going, leaving death and destruction in her wake. My heart goes out to everyone who lost so much this last week, and to all the organizations that are answering the call and trying to help in any way they can. We will overcome… it will just take time. And to those of you out west, if you figure out how to get all this wetness over there, you can have it!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

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