Three weeks

Where has the last three weeks gone? I have to kernel reminding myself he’s still adjusting, finding all the good hiding spots, testing boundaries. All I want is for Alex to feel completely secure and safe with us even if he’s not in the apartment. We’re doing carrier training which I’d never done before but this guy’s a champ at. We’re working on harness training but that’s gonna be a long road. And I’m introducing him to other animals. Next week he’s going to go on his first non vet car ride weather and issues permitting… that’s already been delayed once. CatDaddy has been absolutely amazing in his cat daddy-ness, as usual.

Thank you everyone for sticking with us thru the pain and the lols just the same.

Progress Report

Alex is still gaining confidence. I’m balancing the discipline with a bit of temperance because last thing I wanna do is scare him and loud noises scare the crap out of him. We stepped out yesterday in his carrier just to step out. We’re also starting the process of harness training. He met his first dog thru the carrier and honestly the dog was more confused – Alex didn’t flinch. I also got confirmation that he’s Coonie…. the unmistakable bird chirp! Anyone that’s had a Maine Coon knows what I’m talking about. He definitely will be indoor only and outside only on harness as even in that brief harness training step out he was showing signs of going after the little wren.

His appetite is improving… apparently he can eat a whole can of wet food overnight, as he’s now done it the last two nights. His eyes already look so much better after just two days of meds. And he, like Curzon before him, doesn’t give a crap about my drugging his food or treats.

What a GOOD BOY. Let’s see if he keeps walking the line between good and naughty or goes solidly one way LOL.


19 years ago today I laid eyes on the filthiest flea-ridden kitten I’ve ever laid eyes on. Two and a half months ago that sad story of a kitten left this planet a grumpy old mancat that had MORE than done his job and defied the odds more than once. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and in a way I guess I did in rescuing Alex. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of tears shed but I also know that the poor guy was absolutely miserable and even another hour would’ve been nothing less than torture. When you care for an animal, it’s not just while they’re young and healthy. You see them through the bad just as loyally as you played with them through the good times. Thank you, Curzon, for over 18 years of pure joy. I know you enjoyed every last bit of it, including keeping me up all hours of the night! lol
And thank you for sending Alex. He definitely needed love and food… and I needed another sucker to fuss over and all that stuff you always thought I was weird for doing!! LOL Thanks for making me into the cat mom I am.


Quick Note

Alex got a clean bill of health for the most part today! He’s still underweight but he’s already gained a half pound in the 2 weeks we’ve had him at least! He’s also, in even the vet’s professional opinion, NOT five years old… Two, maybe three. But his mouth says not 5. While we’re not OFFICIALLY changing his birthdate out of an abundance of caution, we’re all stoked to see how much more growing he has ahead of him. And he’s gotten a full name too…

Alex Katt Houdini.

We will still be calling him Alex as after two weeks I can’t correct my tongue. It’s hard enough not calling him by another cat’s name.

Alex, you are home forever. Thank you.

Thank you for being such a good cat. For being so patient. For being so sweet. For being you. I dunno what you went thru before but that’s over.

Pain and Healing

As anyone that’s lost a beloved furry kid can tell you, going from full house to empty house is just as hard as going from empty back to full. You’re still grieving, you’re still dealing with the gaping hole in your heart. But there’s also a new one that needs you. This is especially true with Alex. He was in such bad condition when I first laid eyes on him I knew I had to rescue him. I HAD to… he wouldn’t make it if I didn’t, and even if I couldn’t get him thru it, at least he’d know love. I spent the first 48 hours fussing over every little detail. How much did he eat? How’s his litterbox production? What scares him? Since then we’ve been knocking off concern after concern. He’s a quick study. He just still has some other trust and confidence issues but we can get thru them too. I hope y’all are as excited for this journey as we are!