Mancat Monday

Nimbus here. Just giving my approve of Alex. Mama deserved a GOOD boy after years of Curzon keeping her up all night. He does have a wee bit of a naughty side but it’s okay. I’m happy mama isn’t so absolutely sad. Thank you CB for all the love you show each other. 2020 has sucked. Too many of our friends are here and honestly the constant stream of welcome banquets is hard. So many broken hearts… the food is yum, but it doesn’t dull the pain trust me. We ALL still miss our humans.

Snoozy Caturday

I love it when he lays on my lap. He doesn’t do it nearly as much as I’d like when I’m working but I’ll take what I can. Usually he’s close by at least. I love him so much – and I love that the CatDaddy is happy too… both that we have another cat and that I have another cat. I was a hot mess to say the least all alone. I’ve had some sort of animal with me almost constantly since I was a kid. It’s hard to fill that hole, and taking care of others’ cats is okay, but it’s just not the same. The gaping hole is still there, but I’m already more relaxed and happier. Thank you everyone for putting up with me the last couple months.

One Week from Alex’s Perspective

Hey guys! You getting sick of me yet? Mama says the blog has gone silent a lot lately. I’m here to try to help!

So Brian pondered about what MY list of what I’ve learned in the last week would look like… so here it goes!

  1. Not all humans are bad. When mama first laid eyes on me, I was scared, lonely and timid. And then I was stuffed in a carrier (she must be smart it’s not a hard shelled plastic one!)… went on a car ride… and then she let me loose in this place and left me! And when she returned she returned with someone else! I was scared of CatDaddy for a bit, I must admit. I started relaxing soon, but it’s hard when they don’t know what I’ve been through. And I really don’t wanna tell them.
  2. Mama calls Daddy a cat whisperer. I have to agree. He also is a good bed! MOL
  3. I already have mama wrapped around my paw. She’s gone out and bought me my own brush, mats, and this wand toy she got me… OMC I love it! It’s so long and bright! She has a blue one too but it’s a lot shorter and tattered. Mama says it’s because the ones before me had 18 years to shred it. But she can’t part with it either.
  4. Mom speaks meow! Wait what? How?
  5. Mama keeps talking of all the things we’re going to do. But she says I have to have a harness that fits. Which means she has to go back to the store… She says I will outgrow the one she got too soon. I don’t know if I should be happy or insulted!
  6. Mama has this weird fascination with kisses especially on MY nose! I guess I should’ve listened Angel Curzon a little more carefully.
  7. Mama sure comes home smelly sometimes. I’ve smelled at least 2 other cats on her and today she came home smelling of DOG!! MOMMMM!!!! (TSB: I help an elderly neighbor do the things for her cat she just can’t physically do – especially the claw trimming part. And another neighbor has a teeny tiny baby kitten that I’m helping them with, though I think the poor kitten got taken from mom too soon. That’s the problem with getting animals on facebook.)
  8. Daddy is much funner to hang out with. He can go without disturbing me much longer than mama can!
  9. Making mama go OMG is FUN! She says I’ve done things she ain’t seen done in years! I showed her just today that if I wanted to, I could jump straight up on the counter – and I nailed my jump right next to her on the edge of the sink! She didn’t like that I did it but was also amazed at the jump…
  10. Mama is way overprotective of me. Fussy humans. She says she wants a yawn pic so she can inspect my mouth… What? Wait a minute!
  11. This place must be fleece heaven… Every surface the humans sit on for more than 2 minutes seems to have a plethora of fleece blankets at the ready!
  12. Being a home office cat is weird. But mama says she’s okay with me taking over the 2nd chair in the office. Good thing too because – surprise – it’s covered in fleece!

Remembering a Legend Part 4

As I sat down to write this post, I was GOING to write more about the bond between the twins, but it’s just not there. It might come in a later post, it’s just not there right now. So this time we’re going to go down random roads down memory lane…

Like when Jadzia kept sneaking out of the place we first landed in after the great escape… and then found herself OUTSIDE, stuck, and scared out her mind. I could NOT lure her close enough to snatch her with food, toys, treats, anything. The only thing she’d come close enough to me for was her brother. I won’t say it didn’t cross my mind once or twice to let him go where she was to try to build her confidence up, but I couldn’t bring myself to take the chance on losing BOTH of them. Luckily, that was a very short-term situation, but just long enough to create a Nimbus. But she would never go for long without her brother.

The air vent hog… omg dude… We had this one place before CatDaddy took us all in that had the AC vents in the floor, and there were MANY a time that Curzon could be found sprawled out across one of them completely blocking the air flow. Vent hog is putting it mildly. My nut child… LOL

If any of you remember the Geico commercial with the antelope with night vision goggles, that’s how Curzon got the Carl nickname… because he was always trying to be stealthy but his dang eyeballs gave him away every time. They were just light beacons that reflected it so easily. The first few times we’d say to him, “we TOTALLY see you Carl” he just looked at us like we’d lost our collective minds, then he just gave up and started ignoring us. Because, you know, that’s what cats do.

Bluegrass music…. In his later years, as he started really struggling with the feline dementia, he just couldn’t keep himself calm at night. One day CatDaddy had the smart speaker going on bluegrass and Curzon just mellowed out so dramatically we decided to keep it on real low for him at night and while it didn’t fully keep him quiet, and didn’t work every night, it worked a LOT. That dude LOVED him some bluegrass music, way more than even classical. But that cat loved MUSIC. Can’t live in this household and not though.

Bath time… Curzon was a struggle. I always got in with the cats come bath time because I’m er… scrawny… and the cats were big and strong. Curzon wasn’t the strongest (that’d been Nimbus) or the fastest (Jadzia) but he was a beast nonetheless. And he got the most baths because every spring and fall he seemed to get oily haunches and that would cause his fur to clump up. Nimbus had it happen a lot too, but Curzon had a spell of several years where it seemed to happen right on queue each seasonal change. There was once that dude found himself all but head under water because he thought he could rodeo with me and it was either into a corner or into the water, where he needed to go anyways… So under water he went.

Mice… and hamsters… when I first rescued the twins I was living out in the country, surrounded by farms, which meant field mice. Jadzia was the master huntress…. well, master mouse torturer. She was the thrower and slinger. But Curzon learned from her and caught him his first mousie but instead of flinging it, he did what a cat does and grabbed it by the neck. I have no doubt he intended on killing it. But nooooooo… I, the hamster raiser, intended on rescuing it. Cue the human chasing cat with mouse in mouth across the house for five minutes. I finally pinned said kitten Curzon, mouse still in mouth in the hallway and snatched him up. I took him into the bathroom, shut the door, put him down and tried with all my might to pry his mouth open and free the poor mousie – NOPE. Lockjaw. Now please, this sounds like torture but it wasn’t I promise. I gingerly held him over the toilet for a few minutes upside down until he dropped the mousie into the toilet, which quickly prompted a turnaround, praises, and kisses then release. I rescued the mouse out of the toilet and proceeded to take said mousie outside (I know how to wrangle a mouse and not get bit). This sucker, however, didn’t realize how fortunate he was and TRIED to get to me. I quick pinned the mousie to the floor, readjusted my hold, and got him outside. The toilet lid had to be placed down after every use for at least a decade because, even after several moves, Curzon was STILL looking for that dang mouse!
And speaking of mice… the twins had to be separated for about a week as Curzon’s hormones got out of control before I could get him neutered (which holy **** needed to get done as he could barely WALK lmao) and the room I was keeping him in until his surgery had its own little closet. One day when I was letting the twins have some together time Curzon came RACING out of the room… so I of course went in to find out why. I won’t even begin to describe it… let’s just say that was no field mouse… HOLY HELL. I’m glad the boy didn’t try to tango with THAT.
Oh… and I mentioned hamsters… the last hamster I had was while I had them as kittens. Now hamsters are notorious escape artists, and I know this. At this time (this was 2001), I had already been raising hamsters for well over a decade. I was teaching the twins the difference between the mice they could catch (and happily, ifyouplease LOL) and the hamster that had his own home that they weren’t allowed to whap. Well, Jadzia didn’t care. Curzon, he’d wait for you to turn your head and *WHAP* the hamster IN YOUR HAND. Dude had no manners… (sorry Curzon LOL). So imagine my PETRIFIED FEAR when I came home late one night to two passed out kittens and NO HAMSTER IN THE CAGE. I spent the longest time looking for said hamster, to no avail. It could’ve ended up anywhere. Just as I gave up and decided to go to bed, there was a tiny little spot between the mattress and the wall but the boxspring was all the way to the wall, so it wasn’t a deep spot. Said hamster was safe and sound and asleep himself in this spot! I have no idea to this day how he survived the escape, as he was up very high and there was no set of jumps he could’ve made to make the trip down easier. The only thing to this day that I can think of is that he must’ve climbed down the entire dresser (which was easily 5-6′ high) while the cats were asleep and managed to not wake them on his adventures – or survived the chase and hid until they passed out. I’m honestly not sure how he did it, but that was the bravest hamster ever – and smartest! But when it came time for me to leave, it was agreed that it’d be for the best if the hamster stayed where he was. I haven’t had one since, and while I do miss them, I’d rather get catbit than hamsterbit ANYDAY.
But let’s not talk about getting bit… lol

Towards the end especially he really took to sleeping with me, like his sister did. And, like his sister, he suddenly decided he HAD to be as close to me as possible, which usually meant SOME part of him was literally in my face. But he’d been known to do that before… or just stretch out not caring where his paws were, and timed it perfectly with a yawn… *patooey*

My mother never let me have a cat growing up because of their shedding and she really didn’t want to deal with it – and I get it. Plus having a cat isn’t like having a hamster, especially as Curzon proved. They just keep going and going and going… LOL Mom used to always tell me stories of her orange tabby cat when I was growing up and as after rescuing Curzon, I became convinced he would’ve been the one, given the chance, that would’ve melted my Mom into having a cat. Now I bet she’s over there yelling at me to stop sending cats over as I’m sure she’s getting smothered! LOL

I promise more pics later, and the end story… but I thought you’d enjoy some random memories.

Remembering a Legend Part 5

We’ve come to the end of the road… but as you can tell from earlier posts, there’s a new beginning too.

Meet Alex

Alex will present his own challenges. Alex has years of life experiences coming into this that the twins did not have. I wasn’t ready. But I wasn’t ready when I rescued Curzon either.

So here we go.

Wrapping up remembering Curzon

The pain is still so real. The decline was so fast. I was so amazed – and still am – that he didn’t check out shortly after Jadzia had to leave. They were so bonded I was sure he wouldn’t last long after her.

The couple years between their trips to the RB was blissful until the end. Yes we were fighting poop wars. Eh. Medicine was the ammo for those battles, and we kept him (mostly) pooping LOL. But the turn came hard and fast.

It only took a weekend.

He started showing signs Friday, I thought he’d be ok through the weekend and I’d take him Monday or Tuesday to the vet. I’d just discussed the thought that he was developing arthritis in his hind quarters and the vet agreed, and I’d started him on the cosequin and he seemed to be okay.

Saturday he really started acting weird but I still thought he’d be fine until Monday morning. Sunday started better, falsely assuring me he would be ok. But by Sunday night, it became apparent I was wrong, and just before midnight, I tore out with him in tow to the emergency vet.

I am STILL upset as to how his whole last couple hours went. I won’t go there.

I’m still not in a place to mix my pain with the anger they’ve permanently instilled in me. But I looked in his eyes. He was checking out. There was no waiting for HIS vet. At that point what mattered was the agony and not making him suffer any more than I already had.

Curzon went peacefully in my arms, almost before the vet could even administer the meds. The tranquilizer, just like Nimbus, perked him up. He went in total Curzon sass… big beady eyes wide open, tongue sticking out at me.

Attitude to the very end.

Curzon may be gone but he’ll never be forgotten

I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever stop crying every time I more than just think of him in passing.

These posts have NOT gotten any easier to write along the way, thus the major delays between posts. But now this blog has a new purpose, and now we start to discover Alex’s voice.

Curzon’s legacy continues. He found me, and he sent Alex to me. Are you guys ready to go on this next adventure?